About the Organisation

Women in Science Parkville Precinct (WiSPP) was formed in 2014 as a grass-roots driven, and institutionally championed action with the purpose of addressing gender inequity within medical research.

The goal of this initiative is to develop and demonstrate an effective model of tackling the problem, drawing on the collective knowledge, resources, and commitment of our five eminent MRIs. We believe social change comes from strong partnerships and cross-sector coordination rather than from individual organisations working in isolation.

Grass-roots Driven

Researchers and professional staff who form our committee work together to identify and find solutions to barriers surrounding the retention and advancement of women in the Parkville precinct.

Institutionally Championed

WiSPP works with five of Australia’s largest MRIs:

“WiSPP embodies what the Parkville Precinct can become. The
underpinning of world class science while celebrating equality of
opportunity and a respectful work environment.”
— Professor Geoffrey A Donnan AO, former Director of Florey Institute of Mental Health and Neuroscience