Anna Quaglieri

Anna is co-mentoring a team from Leongatha Secondary College

Anna is co-mentoring a team from Leongatha Secondary College

  • Describe your research.

In my research I use Statistics and Computer Programming to study the behaviour of genes from blood samples of patients with Leukemia. We are looking for genes that can tell us right at diagnosis if a patient would have a poor response after standard treatment so that in the future we could develop more personalised cures to improve their outcome.

  • Do you have a mentor or role model?

Yes, I have several role models that I look up in terms of career or in terms of personal life decisions. Regarding mentors, I have more like friends-mentors.  

  • How did your mentor?

Usually by working in the same field.

  • How does your mentor empower you? Or how does your role model inspire you?

My mentor makes me see things from a different perspective so that in situations where I don’t see a way out and I feel stuck they help me find an alternative.

One of my role models inspires me when she is humble and admits her limits. She made me realise that we cannot pretend to be superwomen, we can’t pretend to do everything on our own. Asking for help doesn’t mean we are weak, but it means we are wise.

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