Ashleigh Kropp

Ashleigh is co-mentoring a team from Trafalgar High School

Ashleigh is co-mentoring a team from Trafalgar High School

  • Describe your research.

I research two proteins involved in cancer by looking at their structures on the molecular level. I’m investigating how their structure and interactions in a cell can lead to changes in cell behaviour - specifically the ability to increase the capacity of cells to migrate, a hallmark of cancer cells. In the future, we hope to intervene with these interactions to prevent aberrant cell behaviour.

  • Do you have a mentor or role model?

My mentors are my supervisors (Isabelle Lucet and Onisha Patel) and other senior researchers I work with (Marija Dramicanin, Kate McArthur, Michal Pasternak).

  • How did you find your mentors? 

I didn’t necessarily set out to find these mentors, it just happened that when I started working at WEHI, I was surrounded by great researchers and role models for my life, in and out of science. I participated in a speed mentor meeting event as well and found a really great post-doc mentor!

  • How does your mentor empower you? 

My mentors empower me by sharing experiences from their own lives to help me make decisions or learn from the path they’ve taken. They are all very supportive of me seeking out what I want to do, irrespective of what that is. They also encourage my creativity and passions, especially those outside of science so I can become a well-rounded scientist and person.

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