Dr Clare Fedele

The Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

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I am a cancer researcher focused on understanding cancer heterogeneity, currently in the context of human melanoma. I am hoping that my research will lead to improved understanding of how cancers develop and progress under different circumstances. Ultimately it is my goal for my research to be translated into changes to clinical practice that improve the lives of people with cancer.

As a female scientist I think the biggest thing I need to keep doing research is a strong support network and good role models of diversity in science, especially at “the top”. I need to be inspired, but also to see a path forward that is attainable. I have role models and mentors that I admire and that have helped pull me through the mud when things have been less than sunny (metaphorically speaking!). They have encouraged me to walk my own path, to challenge the concept of what it is to be a “scientist” and to seek out professionally that which makes me most happy, productive, and valuable to the community.

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