The Collective Vision of WiSPP is:

To advance research and translation by providing an environment that allows more women in science to lead and excel

A facilitated workshop in June 2014, conducted by internationally respected change consultants REOS Partners, resulted in the identification of a common goal, framed in this collective vision.

The goals of the WiSPP initiative are to:

Collectively develop an agreed action plan for improving gender equity within our institutes

  • Identify mutually reinforcing solutions to the problem of gender inequity in our sector and within our institutes.
  • Develop indicators of progress across organisations to identify strengths and gaps and agreed systems for data collection of these core indicators.
  • Influence discussions about barriers and enablers to achieving gender equity with key stakeholder groups (other non WiSPP MRI’s, NHMRC, ARC , funders etc).
  • Engage in ‘shifting the needle’ activities with the potential to reach beyond our own institutes into the research sector more broadly.
  • Conduct education, mentoring and career development activities to achieve our vision.

Through its member institutes, using a collective impact framework, WiSPP aims to build a platform, to change the environment for women, enabling them to lead and excel in science.

Through our initiative we aim to develop an effective model of collective action in tackling the problems facing women in science, we will demonstrate both a model of developing and implementing organisational change programs and the tools to measure progress. Through changing organisational culture we aim to provide an environment for women to both continue to participate and to excel in medical research.