WiSPP and Deloitte Leadership Program


“We lead all through our lives, at the start of our careers we are given responsibilities and expectations of leadership follow from that. You don’t have to run an institution or an organisation or head a major part of that organisation to be seen as a leader. We lead in our personal lives, we lead in our professional lives.”

-David Morrison, AO, Australian of the Year 2016


Program Overview

It is not only those who are heads of an organisation or institute, that are leaders and have the power to affect change. We believe a core element of excellent leadership is the willingness and capacity to develop the leadership capabilities of others: “You are not a leader until you’ve developed leaders”.

This partnership between Deloitte and WiSPP aims to develop the depth of female leaders in Health and Medical Research. Through this partnership, our participants will strengthen their own leadership capabilities and learn to foster the next generation of leaders in medical research.

This 12 months, one-on-one mentoring program will match five established female scientists (one from each WiSPP institute)  to work with a senior Deloitte Partner.

One of the critical success factors for Deloitte’s growth has been its embrace of gender and cultural diversity to win the war for talent in this country. Deloitte has now been recognised as an equal opportunity leader for women by the Federal Government’s Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency for eleven successive years.

This a unique partnership between WiSPP and Deloitte demonstrates a shared commitment to supporting and fostering the development of talented women.

Program Structure and key dates

Please note: exact dates are to be confirmed.

The program will match five senior female scientists for a one-on-one mentoring relationship with a highly accomplished senior partner at Deloitte.

  • August  2018

Leadership Workshop including Deloitte Mentors and WiSPP Mentees with Australian of the year, David Morrison AO who has successfully driven cultural and institutional change in the Australian Armed Force. (2- 3 hours)

  • Late August/ Early September  2018

Each mentee will participate in a 360 review followed by one-on-one consultation with Deloitte Executive Coach Jenny MacKay . (2- 3 hours)

  • August 2018 – August 2019

12 month one-on-one mentoring program with monthly meetings between mentor and mentee.

  • March/April 2019

Mid-way workshop to share individual insights gained through the program to date (2- 3 hours)

  • August 2019

Concluding event to celebrate and share learning.


  • Candidates must be a female researcher employed by a WiSPP institute.
  • Candidates must have demonstrated senior leadership capacity in health biomedical research (minimum group leader level and above, or leading a team of at least five people).

Expression of Interest

Please email Alice Tinning  on  alice.tinning@florey.edu.au to express your interest in the program. Candidates will be asked to address brief key selection criteria. 

Deadline for EOI: 19 July 2018