Inclusive Leadership Training Program

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Building Inclusive Leadership

The Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL), a team of professional academics and leadership coaches, designed the inclusive leadership program specifically to address the workplace culture of medical research institutes. 

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Program Structure

The program is divided into two modules:

Module 1: Is focused on raising awareness and personal connection to the challenges of inclusive leadership - the session will use both fiction (film) and reality (data) to unpack some of the core issues that may inhibit inclusion.

By separating our leaders and teams the intention is to create a space for candid, relevant, thought provoking conversations. 

Module 2: Brings teams together into mixed groups to work towards actions and solutions for the challenges surfaced in Module 1through a focus on skills and behaviours.

Participating in program will equip teams with higher levels of awareness, connection and commitment to inclusion which will  allow them to work more effectively in the future.



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