Promote Individual Development

WiSPP is committed to providing quality individual development workshops and events aimed at addressing the barriers and enablers for women’s participation and leadership in science.

Current Programs

  • Deloitte Leadership Program - This partnership between Deloitte and WiSPP aims to develop the depth of female leaders in health and medical research. Our participants will strengthen their own leadership capabilities and learn to foster the next generation of leaders in medical research.
  • Grant Preparation Program - A program that connects senior scientists with early to mid career women involving a combination of facilitated events and unstructured breakout sessions. The aim is to give participants opportunities for networking and skill development that will lead to a strong grant proposal.
  • Career Pathways Series - Our showcase event launches the series to celebrate the diversity of career pathways in science, as well as, foster career mobility between academia and other sectors. The showcase is followed by three workshops focused on the tools needed to empower scientists to be in the driver's seat of their careers.

    • Check our our career case studies and recommended resources to help naviagate your career path.