Promote Cultural Change

Leveraging data from the Metrics Project, we are working together with WiSPP’s five medical research institutes (MRIs) and two consulting organisations, the Centre for Ethical Leadership, and Strategic Research and Growth, to develop and pilot two innovative culture change programs across the five MRIs.


  • Cross Institute Equity Task Forces 2018 - After conducting a preliminary review of the qualitative and quantitative metrics data collected in 2016, three focus areas were identified for further exploration by task forces.

These include:

  • Progression/Promotion Disparity

  • Work/Caring Integration

  • Leadership and Accountability

Focusing on these three areas, the task forces will enlist men and women from all levels to: (a) clarify the problem (b) identify the underlying causes and (c) develop an action plan to eliminate the gender difference.

A final report will be available soon.

Past Program

  • Inclusive Leadership Training Program 2018 - This research and training project was aimed at maximizing performance and building future capability in Australian science. The program was designed by academics and professional leadership coaches from the Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL) specifically for teams working in a medical research institute (MRI) environment. The key premise of this pilot program was that inclusive leadership can facilitate higher productivity, retention, engagement, morale and innovation.