Jeffreena Miranda

Jeffreena is mentoring a team from Mary McKillop Catholic College

Jeffreena is mentoring a team from Mary McKillop Catholic College

  • Describe your research.

I am working on the triple negative breast cancer which cannot be treated with any of the current hormone therapy.  I have identified a protein which is highly expressed only in cancerous cells and can be targeted to kill these cancers. We have also validated chemical molecules that can reduce these protein to kill the cancer cells.

  • Do you have a mentor or role model?

My Master's supervisor is my role model. His ambition is to focus on science for the betterment of common man's living and he is always keen in helping people in science to facilitate the smooth progress of science intellectually and through technical and chemical help.

  • How did you find your mentor? 

Yes I do have few mentors, I had a quick chat and I identified them based on our compatibility. I really feel comfortable speaking with them about any issues. A Mentor is a person for whom a mentee's personal and professional growth is of utmost priority without compromising the quality of science. They live up to the definition.

  • How does your mentor empower you? 

My Mentors always gives me confidence in me. They believe in my potentials and enlighten me with the multiple alternatives to deal with a problem. They stand besides me with all their possibility and motivate me to persevere any difficult situation and failures.

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