Dr Kylie Gorringe

Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

headshot_kylie gorringe peter mac.jpg

DEsCRIBE your research (i.e. what disease are you hoping to treat/cure?)

I want to use genomics to tackle clinical issues in breast and ovarian cancer, especially developing new biomarkers for pre-invasive breast disease, and trying to find new therapeutic targets for rare ovarian cancer subtypes like mucinous ovarian cancer. I hope to one day have my research lead to improved lives for women with cancer.

Where are you hoping your research will take you?

Physically, I’m happy here in Melbourne, but intellectually I want my research to challenge me and take my brain to new and interesting places.

What do you need, as a female scientist, to keep doing your research?

 A supportive partner who understands the demands of the job, child care I trust, a good support network who can help when it all goes pear-shaped, and an excellent cleaner!

Do you have a role model who has inspired you? If so, tell us about them and how they have influenced your career.

I’m inspired by the senior women researchers around me, who stayed and progressed in science in times when it was way tougher for women than it is now (and it's not exactly a picnic now!), and did it without becoming hard or cynical but retained their generosity to others coming through.

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