Dr Lucy Sullivan



DESCRIBE your research (i.e. what disease are you hoping to treat/cure?)

My research is focused on the function of the immune system following lung transplantation. This research aims to improve the clinical management of transplant patients, by impacting on the choice of the donor and by identifying novel targets for the activation of the immune system that can fight infections post-transplant. 

Where are you hoping your research will take you?

Ultimately I hope that my research will provide novel insights that improve transplantation outcomes for patients.  This can be achieved by progressing the field of transplantation research through publication of findings in highly regarded peer-reviewed journals. It is also important to participate and present these findings at international meetings to foster future collaborations and aid in the dissemination of important developments in the transplantation field. I wish to attract sufficient funding to support this research, allowing me to attract and foster the top post-graduate students to my group.

What do you need, as a female scientist, to keep doing your research?

 As I have a young family, the most important thing for me is job security. This is becoming increasingly difficult in the current funding environment with government funding rates at record low success rates. Having 2 periods of maternity leave in the last 5 years and working part-time has severely impacted on my ability to obtain my salary through competitive grant funding as a result of my limited ability to attend conferences and to produce first-author papers in this period. However, my children are now of the age that I am starting to re-establish my positive career trajectory. If there was a greater investment in scientific research this would allow me to continue my research that will ultimately improve the lives of patients receiving a lung transplant.

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