­ The ability to be guided by mentors outside of science is invaluable as a means of teaching the next scientific leaders to communicate and action their findings in an increasingly competitive and fragmented space. For the mentors I believe that learning about the role of medical science and understanding what drives scientists opens opportunities for them to be more engaged with the community.
— Participating Mentee, 2016
“I would say this was the single best thing I did the whole of last year. I really enjoyed this opportunity - thank you”
— Particiating Mentor, 2016


This unique cross-sector mentoring program was launched in February 2016 and involved the pairing of 15 mentors at the Senior Management level from the National Australia Bank(NAB), with up and coming researchers or research support staff in the five WiSPP institutes.

An evaluation of the program surveys completed by the participating mentees indicates that the NAB & WiSPP Cross Sectorial Mentoring Pilot has had clear and concrete benefits for individuals in terms of career progression. Participants felt that they had developed invaluable skills and confidence resulting in better career planning and enhanced opportunities for career development. For the NAB mentors the program has been an enriching and rewarding experience.

This unique collaboration – bringing scientist together with bankers – has been of significant value at both the individual and institutional level for both sectors. The value of a different perspective was identified by all participants as the key to the success of the program. A full report will be available soon.

 Read More : Bankers to mentor medical researchers, Australian Finacial Review, February 16 2016