Cross Institutional Task Forces

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In 2016, the five WiSPP institutes collaborated to develop an agreed set of gender equity metrics and collected baseline data from each institute. The data confirmed that females are underrepresented at senior levels in the Parkville Medical Research Institutes.

In 2018, WiSPP established the Cross Institutional Task Force Initiative to both better understand the reasons for a lack of gender equity (GE) in medical research and identify potential ways to improve GE in medical research leadership.

The Task Forces brought together 30 scientists and professional staff members from different institutes, levels, scientific backgrounds and genders. Working together over six months the Task Forces took an evidence-based approach to the identification of the issues, underlying causes and potential actions.  The reflections and recommendations of the Task Forces are made in response to peer-reviewed journal articles and evidence-based reports from peak bodies and councils advocating for workplace diversity and inclusion.

Throughout the workshop process, the ideas from the Task Forces were refined and distilled to identify four key areas considered most critical in delivering GE outcomes.