Program Update for Institute Directors - July 2019

A full WiSPP Committee Meeting was held on June 17th, 2019 and a detailed presentation on WiSPP’s activities can be found here. A brief summary is provided below.

Individual Development

The WiSPP Individual Development working group has reviewed 2018 evaluation data to inform the development of two programs in 2019. The Self-Managed Career Series and Grant Preparation Mentoring are programs are designed to empower researchers and provide valuable skills development.

Participants in the first year of our Deloitte Mentoring Program have reported significant benefits from participating in the program, the program concludes in August and an event will be scheduled to celebrate the program and share learning.

Metrics Project

The WiSPP Metrics Working Group has reviewed the 2016 data and undertaken a thorough process of refining the questions, mapping the data required and developing the processes for data collection in 2019.

All HR teams have now been provided with surveys requesting institutional data. We aim for this data to be provided to WiSPP by late August.  

An attitudinal survey for WiSPP Institute staff is also under development for implementation in August/September this will be provided for your review prior to distribution.

Analysis of all data will be provided to the institutes to help inform their ongoing work.

Safe Cultures

The Safe Cultures Working Group is building on the group’s first year where we hosted Kate Jenkins for a public presentation and round table discussion with precinct leaders from the MRIs, Hospitals and the University. The group is currently consulting with the University of Melbourne’s Respect Task Force to align efforts of WiSPP and the University with a particular focus on Supervisor Training.

Cross Institutional Task Forces

The work of the Task Force completed in 2018 has been synthesized into a now publicly available report. This report and subsequent consultations forms the basis of the proposed WiSPP Road Map which outlines the next ambitious phase of our collective efforts towards improving GE in medical research leadership.  

Inclusive Leadership  

The evaluation report is still in progress and on track for delivery in the second half of the year.