Career Pathways Series

Resilience in science Workshop with WALT Institute

Open to everyone

Past Event

September 13, 2pm-4pm

The Murdoch Children's Research Institute 

Ella Latham Theatre, Ground Floor

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Resilience in Science:

Being resilient is about adapting to adversity or set-backs in any shape or form involving life and career. Set backs happen to all of us and can be small OR large at the time, but still require an action plan to bounce back, or better still… bounce forward.

Resilience is not something to be afraid of – it’s the ONE THING that gives you clarity and a clear focus. Like a muscle, you can grow resilience in any environment, at any stage of life and career. It will set you up to be successful, achieve what you want to achieve, make problem solving easier, and give you a fresh perspective to see challenges as opportunities.


About the WorkShop

What will be covered:

  • Understanding your personal response to adversity (no right or wrong, it is what it is)

  • Expanding your tools to choose an improved response when things hit the fan (and they will)

  • Creating a resilience action plan to use in life, work, and play (it is possible)

What to expect:

  • A dynamic, action orientated workshop

  • Walk away with more resilience tools in your toolkit

  • Evidence based strategies

  • Inspiring facilitators who set the scene for learning and application to your personal situation

  • Facilitators who are not afraid to be real and show vulnerability

Changing your current situation, routines and habits can be challenging, and that’s why we do what we do! We provide you the opportunity to cultivate strategies to bring out the best in you, so you can thrive and not just survive in life and career.


About Walt Institute

Dr Elizabeth Pritchard is a health professional, researcher, and leadership coach. I am known for busting through the limiting beliefs that hold us back and finding a way forward. Co-founder and director of WALT Institute and Research Fellow at Monash University. With a background as an occupational therapist, qualitative and quantitative researcher, I bring the science of authentic leadership and wellbeing into the realm of every day possibilities for women in STEMM.

Ms Christine Burns is a past elite athlete, educator and performance coach. I am known for NOT getting stuck in the problems and bouncing forward with resilience. Co-founder and director of WALT Institute, and teaching associate with Monash University. I have a skill of translating the complex research principles from positive psychology and the science of subjective wellbeing, into practical life changing applications. With a background in exercise science, coaching, sport and positive psychology, I provide personalised inspiration for you to be the best version of yourself and achieve high levels of performance.

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